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Top Learnings Of A Fortune 100 Tech Brand: A Year In Content

by on October 2, 2012

intel image Top Learnings Of A Fortune 100 Tech Brand: A Year In Content

In July of 2011, SocialChorus teamed up with a Fortune 100 technology brand to execute a yearlong social content program. The goal was to drive brand awareness, association and relevance in a young, tech-savvy, lifestyle target – an audience the brand notoriously had trouble engaging. The success metric would be the number of social actions generated by the content.


To solve for this, we identified top social influencers for the client’s consumer target within the verticals of Design, Fashion, Men’s Lifestyle, Food, and Travel. These influencers were invited to tell stories in their own voice about the ways in which technology has enhanced their lives.

After one year and nearly 140 pieces of original influencer created content, we walked away with a few key learnings:

1.    Influencers make all the difference.

Obvious, we know, but after working with influencers across all verticals and changing lengths, formats, and topics in an attempt to find the proverbial “content secret sauce”, the indispensible ingredient ended up being the influencer. A good influencer can create content with reach, relevance, and resonance that both engages their audience and drives social actions.

What does it take to be the best? To us, an influencer must be a social content creator who boasts the following attributes:

  • Has an engaged community that likes to socialize
  • Has previously created ‘sponsored content’
  • Has an audience that responds well to sponsored content
  • Promotes sponsored content across all their social channels – more than once
  • Is a good partner to the brand and to the agency – that means easy to work with, reasonable with rates, understanding of the process, and a desire to bring something new and innovative to the table

2.    Snackable doesn’t always mean social.

Quality content is social content regardless of format, length, and topic. Think videos had to be less than 90 seconds? Think infographics should focus on aesthetics and not data? Think articles had to be less than 400 words? We did too, but we were proven wrong.

Videos over 2 minutes performed an average of 2.3 times better than shorter videos. Infographics with a high volume of data, info, and stats with a length equivalent to over 1000 words performed an average of 2.0 times better than shorter, simpler infographics. Articles with over 900 words performed an average of 2.4 times better than the shorter pieces.

We’re not saying you should adjust your marketing strategy to only produce heavy-weight social content, we’re just saying that quality comes in all shapes and sizes and when you achieve quality, you will drive social actions and engagements.

3.    Relationships are everything.

Partnering with brands and influencers alike should be about collaboration. When it comes to working with influencers and brands to develop social content, the most important thing to focus on is the relationship. If you’ve worked to connect influencers and brands to create content, you know that achieving collaboration is a challenge. The reality is, brands and influencers have different goals: a brand wants an influencer to use their marketing script, while the influencer wants to maintain editorial control. The best way to get these two groups to collaborate is through both sides demonstrating how they are mutually invested in the other.


Through partnerships, the content is no longer a standard “sponsored post”. The closer you can get to collaboration, the more relevant and interesting the influencers’ content and the more influencers genuinely wants to create and share this content. Engaging, authentic content drives audience social actions and helps to elevate the brand.


What did we see when we achieved collaboration between brands and influencers?

  • Content that drove up to 10 times the amount of social actions when compared to other standard “sponsored posts”
  • Influencers going a step beyond immediate socialization and using their own personal relationships to earn a greater distribution of their content through syndication
  • Influencers truly standing behind their work with a brand
  • A brand supporting the influencers through distributing created content across their owned platforms


This post was written by Leah Tsang, Senior Manager of Strategic Accounts


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Greg Shove Joins an Impressive Lineup For #Influence12 At AWE October 1st

by on September 28, 2012

Screen Shot 2012 09 27 at 11.53.27 AM1 Greg Shove Joins an Impressive Lineup For #Influence12 At AWE October 1st

On October 1 at 4pm, Greg Shove will be speaking at the “Under the Influence” Summit with brand, agency, media and ad executives at the Liberty Theater.

Experts like Bonin Bough, Kristin Frank of MTV and VH1, Eva Hung of Google, Christine Osekoski of Fast Company, Ji Lee from Facebook, Peter Horan, Gary Vaynerchuk, Twitter’s Tim Perzyk and many more will take the stage to teach the who, what, when, where and why of influencer marketing at scale.  See the full list of speakers here.

Greg will be moderating the “Social Advocacy: Hand Crafted and/or Technology Enabled? What does the future look like?” panel, and the summit will also cover “What is Influence” and Earned Media. After, Appinions is hosting guests for a happy hour where you can answer all of your #Influence12 questions. The tickets are free, but don’t forget to register to attend!

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Join Us For Advertising Week AWE Next Week!

by on September 27, 2012

Screen Shot 2012 09 27 at 11.21.52 AM Join Us For Advertising Week AWE Next Week!

October 1-5, SocialChorus is proud to partner with Advertising Week’s Advertising Week Experience (AWE) in New York! Housed at the Times Center, innovators will demonstrate how their technologies offer new opportunities to marketers, and foster intimate thought leadership discussions amongst the industry’s brightest minds.

30 companies have been selected to show their latest technologies, services and product breakthroughs with “Game Changing” as the primary filter for inclusion. We will present alongside T&T, LG, Machinima, Nielsen, RealNetworks, AirPush, Hibe, NuMVC, VeriFone and more. Chief Curator, recently retired Panasonic CMO, Bob Greenberg has said:

“AWE is a natural extension of the thought leadership agenda and responds to an identified area of need based on our due diligence in the marketing community. Technology is re-defining the business of advertising at a breakneck pace and shifting the ground underneath Madison Avenue and the broader marketing community.”

Co-Chief Curator Greg Harper of Gadgetoff also added:

“We’ve been curating companies from allover the world for AWE … from Barcelona to Las Vegas to Tel Aviv. And they’re agreeing to explain the trends marketers need to be aware of and demonstrate how their offerings will enhance customer interactions and build relationships.”

We are thrilled to be a part of such a great event, and hope you can be there to join us! Stop by our booth to chat about our technology and the industry with our CEO/Founder Greg Shove and President Joe Burton, and get a demo of our platform from our staff.  Register and see the full list of events here.


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Greg Shove to Interview PepsiCo’s Jamal Henderson on Influencer Marketing Programs at BDI Influencer Marketing Summit!

by on September 26, 2012

 Greg Shove to Interview PepsiCos Jamal Henderson on Influencer Marketing Programs at BDI Influencer Marketing Summit!

On October 17th, SocialChorus CEO Greg Shove will interview PepsiCo’s Jamal Henderson at BDI’s first ‘Influencer Marketing Summit’ in New York. They’ll cover a variety of topics including influencer marketing and how the SocialChorus platform has helped drive the Diet Mountain Dew Insiders’ program.

 Greg Shove to Interview PepsiCos Jamal Henderson on Influencer Marketing Programs at BDI Influencer Marketing Summit!

Maria Diaz, SocialChorus Programs Manager, on the Mountain Dew Insiders’ program powered by SocialChorus:

Its primary goal has been to drive traffic to Diet Mountain Dew’s Facebook app, “Dew Crew.” The Dew Crew app is centered around Diet Dew’s sponsorship of NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. Thus, the influencers targeted in this activation are a mix of sports fans, NASCAR fans, Dale followers, and parenting bloggers with children or spouses who are either fans of the brand or fans of NASCAR. Influencers are asked to join and promote the app and post Diet Mountain Dew ads, photos and videos.

The social currency for the activation includes a swag kit of Diet Mountain Dew racing-related items and limited edition Mountain Dew product, Dark Berry.  The top 10 influencers (based on social activity) receive high-value racing items. The program concludes in early October 2012.

There is still time to sign up to attend the Influencer Marketing Summit! Use the code ‘SCGUEST’ for a discounted rate when you register.


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Greg Shove Talks Key Collaborators with Communication Director

by on September 13, 2012

CommunicationDir Greg Shove Talks Key Collaborators with Communication Director

Cutting-edge consultancies can help companies engage with highly-prised online influencers, as Greg Shove explains to Communications Director in their latest issue. He explains:

“The Power Middle is one of the great untapped resources of the marketing communications world.”

Read the full article here. You can subscribe to Communications Director, or sign up to receive 1 free issue on their site!

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